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Refresher Course For Licensed Electrical Workers
EMA has set up a training scheme to enable licensed electrical workers to keep up, on a regular basis, with the advancements in technology, good industrial practices and changing business environment. All licensed electrical workers will be required to attend a prescribed refresher course once every 5 years.
The refresher course will cover changes and highlights in the Electricity Act and relevant regulations; requirements for connection and turn-on of electricity supply; changes and highlights in codes of practice (CP5 & CP88); common non-compliances; information on grid-tied solar photovoltaic system; and case studies of electrical accidents. There will be a short written assessment comprises of multi-choice questions on the topics presented during the course.
As stated in the circular (RD/E01/2005) issued in May 2005, all licensed electrical workers whose licences expired on and after 1 September 2005 may apply for the renewal of their licence ONLY if they have attended the prescribed refresher course in the preceding 5 years.
The prescribed refresher course will be conducted regularly throughout the years. You are advised to register for the course directly with the course organiser about 6 months prior to the expiry date of your licence.
Prescribed Refresher Course Available
Organiser Title of Course For Whom Course Details
BCA Academy Refresher Course for Licensed Electrical Workers (Electricians) Licensed electricians Refresher Course for Licensed Electrical Workers (Electricians)
BCA Academy Refresher Course for Licensed Electrical Workers (Electrical Technicians / Electrical Engineers) Licensed electrical technicians and licensed electrical engineers Refresher Course for Licensed Electrical Workers (Electrical Technicians / Electrical Engineers)
You are expected to attend the full programme of the prescribed refresher course. The Certificate of Accomplishment will only be issued by the course organiser after you have completed the course and passed the written assessment. Please make the necessary arrangement for your work so that you can attend the full day course without the need to leave early. The licensed electrical worker shall attach a scanned image of the Certificate of Accomplishment when submitting renewal application for the worker licence through ELISE.
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