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Information on Licensing of Electrical / Supply Installation Licence
Guidelines on Licence Application
Electrical installation refers to any electrical wiring, fitting or apparatus used for the conveyance and control of electricity in any premises.
Supply installation refers to any electrical installation receiving electricity supply from its own generators.

Electrical and supply installations are licensed to ensure that they are operated and maintained by licensed electrical workers, and are safe to use.

Licensing Requirement
(i) Electrical Installation
An EMA licence is required to use or operate an electrical installation of approved load exceeding 45 kVA for non-domestic purposes.

Electrical installations in premises used for "hazardous trades", irrespective of their approved loads, are also required to be licensed. Examples are motor paintshops, wood-working or saw-milling, petrol stations, paint and petroleum products, and temporary supply for building operations or works of engineering construction.

(ii) Supply Installation
Owners of all supply installations in non-domestic premises are required to apply for and obtain a licence to use or operate their supply installations.
Licence Fees
  12-month 3-month
Electrical Installation Licence $100/- $50/-
Supply Installation Licence $150/- $50/-
Payment For Licence Fee
Payment for installation licence fees may be made via one of the following methods:
eNETS Debit eNETS Credit Card  
Application for a New Installation Licence
Consumer (applicant) is required to appoint an appropriate class of licensed electrical worker (LEW) to take charge of his electrical installation and submit the application for electrical installation through his appointed licensed electrical worker.

There are 3 classes of licensed electrical workers, namely, Licensed Electrician, Licensed Electrical Technician and Licensed Electrical Engineer. Licensed electrical workers of various classes are licensed to design, install, repair, maintain, operate, inspect and test an electrical or supply installation in accordance with the conditions stated below:

Class of Licensed Electrical Worker Approved Load Voltage Level


Not Exceeding 45 kVA 1000 V and below
Electrical Technician Not Exceeding 150 kVA(Design)
Not Exceeding 500 kVA(Operation)
1000 V and below
Electrical Engineer No Limit Subject to licence conditions

Application for installation licence shall be submitted online through the EMA web site using one of the following online application forms:

(a) Form EI Application for licence to use or operate an Electrical Installation, or

(b) Form SI Application for the licence to use or operate a Supply Installation.

Renewal of Installation Licence
EMA will notify the consumer (applicant) by post to renew his installation licence 6 weeks before the licence expiry date. A licence renewal reference number will be issued on the "Letter of Appointment" attached to the notification. The licensed electrical worker appointed by the consumer (applicant) shall login to the EMA web site and use the renewal reference number given to retrieve the particulars of the installation. He will then submit the licence renewal application on behalf of the consumer (applicant) after carrying out safety inspection on the electrical installation.
Issue of Licence
The consumer and his appointed licensed electrical worker will be notified through email when the installation licence is approved. The licensed electrical worker shall login to the EMA web site to download the licence image, print it and deliver the printed installation licence to the consumer within 5 working days upon receiving notification from EMA.
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