Short Courses Provided by Training Institutions

The following training institutions provide short courses relating to the cable colour code change. You may visit their respective website to find out more details about the course.

BCA Academy - 1-Day course on New Cable Colour Code for Electrical Installations

Institute of Technical Education - Short course on new cable colour code for electrical installations

Briefing Sessions for Licensed Electrical Workers

The new cable colour code has been introduced in the Amendment No. 1 to SS CP5 : 1998. With the launch of this Amendment on 27 Feb 2009, EMA will be co-organising briefing sessions with SPRING Singapore for licensed electrical workers to inform them of this change. This briefing session will focus on the technical guidelines on cable colour code change as stipulated in the Amendment and explain the colour marking guidelines set out in the Amendment's "Supplementary guide to revised cable colour code".

Please note that the briefing session is only available to licensed electrical workers and is free-of-charge.

You are encouraged to attend one briefing session to better understand the colour marking requirements. The last briefing session has ended. LEWs will be informed the date of the next briefing session, if available.

If you have any queries regarding the new cable colour code, please email us at

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